Your answer to every task the Ultimate work bag companion.

Empowering Workers , with space for all of their work, personal and day to day needs.

About Bitte.

Bitte has worked as a midwife for 23 years in the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin. Throughout this time she worked with colleagues, patients and families daily and understands their needs. She has created this bag to empower everybody from office workers to workout fanatics and new mothers to ensure all their needs are met with a multipurpose stylish and durable bag.

The Tote Bag



More Than a Bag It Is your companion, Why settle for less?

Our Promise

This Bag is made with the highest quality materials for a designer feel to a multipurpose bag.

The straps are designed for maximum comfort to avoid muscle strains and pains associated with cheaper bags.

We believe we have the most versatile bag on the market due to its innovative design features

See below our innovative design features to see how we separate ourselves, from your ordinary bag

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Laptop Pouch

36cm X 40cm Laptop Pouch with additional zip pouch

Underneath Separate Compartment

Perfect for storing products to separate them from the rest of your items for hygiene and safety purpose's.

Lunch Bag

Space for Lunch in extra compartment for added hygiene.

Bottle Holder

Perfect for bottles of up to 1 liter with an insulated outside to keep cold or warm.

Bitte's Mission

At Bitte Bag, Our mission is to empower and enrich your daily journey with our versatile and multipurpose bags. Crafted with precision and designed for functionality, each bag embodies our commitment to seamlessly adapt to your ever changing needs.

From work to globe trotting to sport fanatics and brand new mothers our bags are thoughtfully engineered to to effortlessly enhance your experiences and simplify your life. With quality innovation and your convenience at the heart of our creations, We strive to inspire a world where one bag fulfills almost all day to day needs and desires of a bag. Bitte Bag is created with the highest standards of craftmanship and materials to sepearate this bag from the rest.

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