Revolutionary Maternity Bags,

made by Midwives, with Mothers

in Mind.

Empowering Mothers, with space for all of their work, personal and baby needs.

About Bitte.

Bitte has worked as a midwife for 23 years in the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin. Throughout this time she worked with mothers and babies daily and understands their needs. She has created this bag to empower mothers and ensure all their needs are met with a multipurpose stylish and durable bag.

Tote Bag


Bitte bag, for maternity.

Laptop Pouch

36cm X 40cm Laptop Pouch with additional zip pouch

Underneath Separate Compartment

Lunch Bag

Space for you and your baby's lunch.

Bottle Holder

Perfect for bottles or baby bottles.

Bitte's Mission

At Bitte Bag, we support and celebrate the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Our mission is to empower expectant mothers with a thoughtfully curated maternity bag, designed by a seasoned midwife to help ease every aspect of child raising.